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Andrew Brown

By: gilgamorph on 10/29/2013

His love for DJ’n started in the summer of 1998 but his love of electronic music began much earlier. Andrew Brown attributes his musically inspired youth to his mother blasting the sounds of the 80′s at home and in the car. Playing in a structured band was not his thing so after playing the saxophone in 6th & 7th grade that path was abandoned. Punk rock and hip hop of the 90′s led him to expand his musical tastes and in the summer of 1998 his first rave was attended. He immediately became obsessed and began buying vinyl records. He would travel between friends house’s begging to use their gear and learning how to beat match. He continued to DJ mainly as a hobby and did not do much but small house parties throughout the 2000′s. Fast forward to 2013 and after being in the EDM scene for well over a decade he has decided it his time to make a contribution. Refusing to stick to one genre he uses music as a vessel on a journey easily moving from funky to electro to progressive to trance all within one set. Andrew is currently focusing all of his energy in the studio working on productions of his own and will be releasing some new music very soon!